James A. Wills

James A. Wills Attorney at Law

        Full Service Business Attorney with Special Focus on Small Business Issues and Transactions, Loans
and Collections, Estate Planning, Arbitration and Mediation, and Bankruptcy

Jim Wills began the practice of law after decades of experience owning businesses and helping businesses grow with security for the bottom line. He was an owner of insurance, real estate and business brokerage firms. He helped owners to protect assets, to buy and sell businesses and real estate, to prepare for the transfer of business assets, and to create estate plans.

As an attorney, Jim Wills protects businesses from legal entanglements that can stall growth and cost precious time and money. He is experienced at preventing and settling disputes, smoothing family issues, and planning a secure future.

James A Wills, Attorney at Law, 3267 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630
Phone: 508-362-1900 |  FAX: 508-362-7912 |  E-mail: jameswillslaw@verizon.net